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 College of International Education
The College of International Educationestablished in 2014, was previously co-located with International Cooperation and Exchange Department. In 2016, the Department of Foreign Language Teaching was merged into the College of International Education, and the College became an independent body focused upon administration, teaching and academic research. It is composed of the Comprehensive Office, Teaching and Research Office, Admissions Office, Students’ Affairs Office, Teaching Affairs Office, College English Section, Medical English Section, Minority Languages Section, Institute of TCM Translation Studies, and Language Training Center. The College is responsible for the admission and cultivation of international students, the training and studies abroad of our faculty and students, and the teaching of foreign languages. Being young and vigorous, the College faculty is composed of twenty-six teachers, including two professors, seven associate professors, seventeen lecturers. One teacher was honored as the Leading Talent of the Health Department of Gansu Province, two as Gansu Prestigious TCM Doctor, one as Young Teacher Talent in Gansu Province, and two were granted a doctor’s degree and seventeen a master’s degree.
In response to the Belt and Road Initiative of China, the College is exploring areas of cooperation with foreign universities and international student markets in Russian-speaking countries and regions along the Silk Road, trying to attract and recruit more brilliant foreign students. A coordinated development pattern has been emerging in offering short-term training and degree education for international students. Until now, thirty-three overseas students have received schooling for bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees, and more than 200 have received short-term training. At present thirty-five students from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and South Korea are studying at the University.
Centered on scientific research and teaching, the College thoroughly inspires enthusiasm and creativity in teachers. It aims at cultivating international students and external TCM talents from our university, promoting TCM English translation studies, strengthening the spread of TCM culture, and improving teaching and academic research. In recent years, teachers have published more than 200 academic articles, over twenty monographs and textbooks, and completed more than ten scientific projects, including three for the National Natural Science Foundation of China.
The faculty is passionately involved in the “student-centered” education and teaching reform. The College seeks to provide an education model for foreign students in universities of TCM. It strengthens international communications, and enhances teaching quality and the international reputation of TCM.

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